Refinancing A Property

There are many reasons to refinance your property. You may be hoping to take advantage of reduced interest rates, shorten the term of your loan, consolidate debt, reduce your monthly payments or to renovate.

Tiro helps you to understand the refinancing process and know your options so that you can make the best decisions. We will also make the legal part of the refinance process as simple as possible for you.

If you are refinancing a house or bare land condo, you will need a Real Property Report. In some circumstances, you can use Title Insurance, which costs around $150.

As the refinancing lawyer, Tiro will:

Contact your bank to obtain their instructions
Explain the legal aspects of your refinancing process
Conduct any required searches
Meet with you to sign all of the required refinancing documents
Payout and obtain a discharge of your current mortgage
Register your new mortgage on title
Pay out everyone as directed by you and your lender
Give you a report of your updated title and a summary of your new mortgage

Contact Us

For more information on refinancing a property in Calgary or the surrounding area, contact Tiro Clarke at 403-444-1163 or by email. We will help.