It is a myth that you only need an estate plan if you are wealthy and own a business. Estate planning is an essential task if you have assets as it can protect them and the beneficiaries you wish to leave them to.

Personalized Estate Planning

For most people, the three main estate planning documents you will need are:

  • Will;
  • Personal Directive (formerly known as a Living Will); and
  • Enduring Power of Attorney.

At Admiral Law we understand that every estate plan is just as unique as the client that they are drafted for. We take a principled approach and work with our clients and their advisors (if any) to ensure that their estate documents align with their wishes for the future. If you find yourself without these documents, or you want to update them, we can help you.

Estate Administration

If you find yourself acting as an Executor and need a Will probated, or you are dealing with a situation where this is no Will, we work with a paralegal who is dedicated to these matters and can help you sort things out.

Getting Started Is Easy …

Whether you have a plan in mind or you have no idea where to begin, contact our office for a no-commitment consultation. It’s complimentary and could be your first step in gaining the peace of mind that comes from getting your affairs in place.  If you decide to start the estate planning process with us, or are looking to get your documents updated, contact us and we can provide you with our Estate Planning Questionnaire.

We have worked hard to build strong relationships with other like-minded professionals such as accountants and financial advisors. We are happy to recommend professionals to our clients who would be a good fit in finalizing their estate planning needs. Already have a team? We also commonly work with our client’s existing professional team to ensure that we take care of the legal side of your estate planning goals effectively and efficiently.