First-Time Home Seller Lawyer In Calgary

Although you may be familiar with some of the process after having bought your first home, it’s a little different being on the other side of the deal.

Your realtor will help you with tips and tricks to sell your home faster, such as staging it to get it ready for potential buyers. They also know how best to market your home.

The most important thing we can tell you as a home seller lawyer in Calgary is that if your property is a house or a bare land condominium, you need to get a current Real Property Report prepared as soon as possible. We can explain to you why it’s needed and walk you through the process of getting it done.

If you are a non-resident, we will also explain the process of notifying the Canadian government within 10 days of the completion of your sale in order to obtain a clearance certificate from CRA.

We will also explain to you the full costs of selling and the process of obtaining discharges of mortgages and other registrations against title, clearing title and providing a clear certificate of title to the buyer’s lawyer.
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