First-Time Home Buyer Lawyer In Calgary

Buying your first home is exciting but can also be daunting. For many of our clients, this is the largest purchase they have ever made, and they find themselves in unfamiliar waters.

At Tiro’s office, we take pride in being able to explain the unfamiliar in your terms. We take special pride in our availability and understanding when it comes to answering first-time home buyers’ questions and providing the reassurance that we can complete a purchase efficiently and effectively.

As an experienced real estate lawyer in Calgary, Tiro will help remove any mystery out of buying your first home. We’ll help you understand the Real Property Report, all closing documents, holdbacks, restrictive covenants, down payments, closing costs and the like.

We can also provide suggestions as to suitable other professionals for more in-depth discussions about buying a house, including mortgage specialists and real estate agents who can help you avoid some common pitfalls of first-time home buyers.

Our own best advice for clients making their first home purchase is as follows:

If a Real Property Report is available, review it carefully.
If you want to use a holdback, write it into the contract, because you won’t be able to negotiate one to secure repairs or any other conditions from the seller after the contract is signed.
Make sure that you review all restrictive covenants and other encumbrances registered against the title before signing the contract.
If you are buying a property in foreclosure, make sure you carefully inspect the property for any damage or maintenance problems if possible. Make sure you also know some of the common pitfalls such as No Condition Offers, the probability that you will not be provided with an RPR and that you will likely have to purchase the property “as is.”

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