A Real Property Report (RPR) is a legal document that clearly shows the location and measurements of significant improvements on land, including distances to property boundaries. RPRs can only be prepared by a registered Alberta Land Surveyor.

If you’re selling your house, an RPR will let your buyer know all the most important details about the property, which can protect you from any future legal liability if there are problems relating to property boundaries or improvements. Having an RPR arranged early in the sales process can help your real estate agent and lawyer get you through the process more quickly.

As a buyer, it’s important to have an RPR to be sure of the exact location of any improvements, encroachments from other properties and compliance with municipal land use bylaw requirements. An RPR also makes it easier to obtain development and building permits in the future.

Municipalities and lenders also need to know that the property complies with land use bylaws, both at the time of purchase and at any later refinancings.

A Real Property Report shows, among other things:

the legal description of the property
Name of the owners at the time of the survey
Date of the title search and survey
All property boundaries
Natural features of the land
All the properties and roads that are touching your property
All significant improvements on the property
Rights-of-way and easements (in other words, all the ways that other people have a right to use your property)
Any encroachments on your property (for example, a neighbour’s driveway that is actually partly on your property)
Any encroachments on other people’s property (if, for example, your garage is partly on your neighbour’s property)
Anything the surveyor may be concerned about
Any other information your municipality requires
An Alberta Land Surveyor’s certificate

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