Condominium Legal Services In Calgary

At Admiral Law, we handle condominium purchases and sales the same way that we handle everything else: by making it as easy as possible for you and being available to answer all of your questions.

For our clients, condominium properties have their own challenges. However, with the right help, your experience does not need to be confusing.

Some differences between condos and other properties:

Some of the property is owned by just you, and some is held in common with the other members of the condominium corporation. It’s important to know which is which.
There are monthly condo fees, usually for utilities and for work such as snow removal and regular maintenance.
There will be a Reserve Fund Study which is required by law and which analyses the reserve funds required for future work on the condominium.
There are certain certificates that must be obtained before purchase or sale and which can protect you against any future claims.
Sometimes parking and storage have separate title.

You need to make sure your realtor explains all of the features of the condo to you. You must also review your condo documents. These include financial statements of the condo corporation, which will provide guidance on how well the condo corporation has been run and whether it has a reasonable budget. The condominium by-laws will also help explain things like the rights and responsibilities of condo owners and how the condo corporation is to be managed.
Condominium Legal Services In Calgary

At Admiral Law we will:

Explain everything that is going to happen during your transaction
Review your purchase or sale contract
Conduct all necessary searches on the property, including title and taxes
Determine whether there is separate title for storage and parking
Communicate with the condo corporation’s manager
Obtain all necessary certificates
Adjust for property taxes and condo fees according to the day on which your deal is finalized
Help you with mortgage issues
Help you determine any outstanding condo-related fees
Pay out all necessary fees, commissions and costs
Review all the details before you sign documents
Prepare all closing documents

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